"If It Ain't Broke, Don't Fix It" is the slogan of the complacent,

the scared.  It's an excuse for inaction, a call to non-arms.  It's a

mind-set that assumes (or hopes) that today's realities will

continue tomorrow in a tidy, linear and predictable fashion.

 Pure Fantasy.  In this sort of culture, you won't find people

who pro-actively take steps to solve problems as they emerge.  

Here's a little tip:

Don't Invest in these Companies


​                                                               -Colin Powell

CIM Programs

School/University Staff Training

Business Staff Training

Medical/Hospital Facility Response Training

Place of Worship Response Training

​Day Care Staff Training

Administrative Incident Training

Administrative Incident Command

Large Event Security

Bomb Threat Response

Special Needs Responses

Pupil Transportation Training

Self Defense/Self Protection

Verbal Diffusion Training

Tactical Police Training

Rapid Response Training

Fire Response Training

Table Top Exercise Training

Full Scale Exercise Training

Mall Security Training

Apartment Crisis Training

CPTED Property Assessments

Tactical Response Administration

Tactical Field Operations Training