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Region 7 Homeland Security

Grant approved for regional training in 17 counties for active shooter and bomb threats.  Renewed 2017

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  • Police Tactical Command
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  • Fire Response Training
  • Bomb Threat Response Training


The Critical Incident Management Team is unique in the fact that it offers not only training for businesses, government, medical, places of worship, and school staff but incorporates emergency responders for the most inclusive program.  

CIM offers training for all front line staff which is paramount to crisis response. Administrative training works with those in supervisory positions to ensure proper reactions.  Some unique programs to CIM are listed below:  


The CIM Team consists of seasoned professionals with actual life experiences.  Our team is drawn upon professionals that bring real life crisis interventions to help survive these type of critical incidents. These programs were not created in a sterile academic environment, but more on real life incidents. We support what we teach with actual experience.  

Our Team


Saginaw ISD

Midland ESA

Lapeer ISD

Shiawassee RES

Bay Arenac ISD

"While we all truly hope that we never experience anything like an active shooter situation, the reality is that it does happen and we need to do our best to be prepared in the event that it involves us.  That is why I really do appreciate the opportunity to participate in your training program."

Russell P. Taylor

Thomas Township Manager

Critical Incident


“Tom Mynsberge of Critical Incident is very well respected in our region for his training of schools and responders.  He continues to update and train so we are always contemporaneous with latest reaction to threats we face."


Richard J. Syrek, Ed.D.

Superintendent Emeritus

Saginaw Intermediate School District

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Critical Response Training